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BRAVE OILFIELD SERVICES AND ENGINEERING (BOSE) provides a range of Plant Integrity Management services to assist Operators in managing their assets in a safe and efficient manner, as well as complying with all prevailing regulations and legislation. BOSE are able to tailor their services to meet client needs and can generally provide support & solutions to a range of Integrity Management problems. Supporting each of the core services are Technical Professional Experts (TP / SME) with many year experiences in integrity management.


Detailed of Method Statement;

  • Plant Integrity Management System Audits
  • Corrosion Management
  • Material Defect and Component Failure Investigation
  • Fitness for Service Assessment
  • Written Schemes of Examination
  • Coatings Tribology Services
  • Welding Services
  • Risk Based Inspection
  • Pipework Vibration Services
  • Subsea Facilities SPS Engineering
  • Geotechnical & Geohazard Assessment
  • Fire, Explosion & Safety Design Philosophy


Geohazard Analysis, Geotechnical Assessment and Flood Mitigations – Engineering and Technical Proposals

The study on issues of localized rainfall characteristics which infiltrate into the subsurface layer and gradually weaken the contact of grip between top soil and rock layer. As the contact between them become weaker, the landslide may occurred and give impact to the gas pipelines.

The main objective of this consultancy service is to prepare a detailed hydrology and hydraulic study for and geotechnical assessment to the Client. The major objectives of the study comprise the followings;

  • To identify the root cause of the flooding issue by assessing and carrying out hydrology study and analysis of the current conditions of the related catchment areas and runoff, streams, drainage, tidal and irrigation system.
  • To study water catchment movement, distribution, and flow of water on the ground surface area and the related streams origins.
  • To propose long term solution with few proposal options for flood control measures and other associated works related to water issue.
  • To provide protection and maintenance schedule to the slope at interested area.
  • To perform detail engineering design for the finalized mitigation proposal and prepare technical documents, drawings, cost estimation and specifications fit for bidding purposes.

3D representation of geohazard mapping